Blog Better Online Course

Learn how to routinely publish top ranked blog articles.

Keeping your blog current is hard work. You have to come up with ideas, write the content, optimize the content, and post it. Plus, you have to promote it so people actually read it. And to top it all off, you have to keep doing it again and again in order to see success. Having a hard time keeping up? Not sure if you’re on the right track? Learn the complete blog content strategy to follow to keep your blog updated with the content your readers want to see.

Week 1

Leverage Tools

Bloggers are finding that their best results occur when data is included in their strategy. Learn about the 3 no-cost tools bloggers leverage to make data-driven decisions.

Week 2

Generate Ideas

To keep a blog updated on a regular basis, you need content ideas. Learn a foolproof system to come up with content ideas for organic traffic.

Week 3

Create Content

Master the art of content creation. Included with the lesson is a content creation checklist and resource guide you can follow when writing future articles.

Week 4

Optimize Content

Simple optimizations can help increase search engine rankings for your blog articles. Learn 6 tips to follow to improve SEO.

Week 5

Promote Content

Promotion is important. Unless your website already has lots of traffic there’s a good chance nobody will see it. Find out how to get people to read your blog.

Week 6

Review Data

Do you know how many people read your blog? Without getting too technical, this lesson will teach you how to understand the data to make informed decisions.

Week 7

Marketing Plan

Don’t stop the process after the first round. Learn how to create a plan to implement the process on an ongoing basis.

Week 8

Next Steps

Digital marketing is always changing. Find out how to keep learning and stay on top of the marketing tasks that matter most.