how to setup google search console

How to Setup Google Search Console

We’re going to walk you through how to setup Google Search Console on your website, but first, let’s discuss why you should.

Why Should You Use Google Search Console?

The real question is why wouldn’t you use Google Search Console? The Google Search Console contains data and utilities meant to increase your website traffic and visibility on Google. Why would you turn down free advice from the people you are trying to impress? The Search Console is what Google uses to communicate issues and errors to website owners and administrators. This is the tool Google uses to contact you and give you free advice, just take some time to listen and maybe you’ll see some search improvements.

What’s the Difference Between Google Search Console and Google Webmaster Tools?

Google Search Console was previously named Google Webmaster Tools. You may still see references to the old name around the internet, they are really interchangeable. Google Search Console and Google Webmaster Tools are the same thing, but Google Search Console is the new and current name.

Setting up Google Search Console

Setting up Google Search Console for your website is pretty straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your website URL and click Add Property.
  3. You’ll need to verify your website. If you have Google Analytics setup, using Google Analytics to verify is the easiest option. Otherwise, you can choose HTML file upload or HTML tag and follow the prompts to verify within minutes.

You’ll want to repeat this process for both the www and non-www versions of your website. If you use https, add both for https as well as http. Google sees all of these versions as separate sites and adding them all to Google Search Console will give you full visibility. Seeing data for all of them will allow you to verify everything is configured properly.

When you add a new web property, Google will send you a message outlining some steps you can take to improve the search presence of your website. Go through those steps and implement the ones that make sense for your web property.

Watch the video below to see how to setup Google Search Console.

Check Your Google Search Console Monthly

Remember, setting up the Google Search Console won’t do you much good if you never look at it. Try to login at least on a monthly basis. You’ll probably find that when you first start the account you’ll have several fixes and recommended improvements and should invest a bit more time to get those cleaned up. Once you get some initial issues taken care of you should be able to set a monthly calendar reminder and just check for new issues.