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Should I Start a Blog for My Business?

should i start a blog for my business

Updated on May 25, 2021

Does a business website need a blog? What about an ecommerce site? Is a blog only for personal websites or is there a benefit to having a blog on your business website? Setting up a blog is simple and well worth the time. Here are five reasons why the answer to the question “Should I start a blog for my business?” is a definite yes!

Blog Content Attracts People in the Research Stage

Having a blog on your business website allows you to create content to attract people in the research stage. This allows you to bring people to your website higher up in the funnel. Content such as product descriptions and information about the services you provide will attract people with intent to buy. While, that is also helpful, that won’t help people find you who don’t know you exist.

Blog content allows you to write content to demonstrate to people how your product or service could be helpful even when they have never heard of you and didn’t realize a solution such as yours exists.

Blogs Can Build Trust and Authority

Creating consistent blog content helps build your brand. It adds a voice to your business. It allows you to build trust and become an authority in your niche. Blog content can help both people and search engines understand what you’re known for.

Blogs Help You Better Understand Your Audience

Reviewing blog data and understanding what content is the most popular can help you better understand your audience. By understanding what content people are reading on your website you can get a better idea about what pains they are trying to solve and what topics they are interested in.

Blogs Can Grow Your Email List

When you have a business blog, ideally you also want some kind of download or freebie that site visitors can opt into. If you do, a blog can grow your email list. When people visit your blog, they can provide an email to get your freebie. The trick with this is to align your freebie with your product. You want to make sure your offer attracts people who would be your ideal customer, then you want that item to help those people overcome a hurdle that would be stopping them from purchasing your product.

Blogs Make it Easier to Get Social Exposure

Lastly, blogs make it easier to get social shares and exposure on social networks. The type of content that naturally appears in blogs is more educational, conversational, and insightful. So, it naturally attracts much more social shares and attention than your standard website pages.

In Summary

Blogs are useful for all business websites. They allow you to connect with your community in a way you can’t with the rest of your site content.

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