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Should My Blog Name Be My Personal Name?

should my blog be my name

Updated on May 25, 2021

Choosing a name for your blog can be difficult. Should you think of a clever brand name? Or should your blog name be your personal name? As for most digital marketing questions, the answer is “it depends.” There are pros and cons to consider for each choice. Let’s go over these pros and cons and then discuss when to use a personal name and when to use a brand name for your blog.

The PROS of Using a Personal Name for Your Blog

Helps People Connect with You as a Person

When you use your own name for your blog name, it helps people connect with you as a person. Instead of looking at your content as information coming from a business entity, your personal name makes it easier for readers to see the articles as advice coming from a friend.

Allows You to Switch Topics

With a personal blog, you are not committed to a particular topic or area of focus. You are free to write content about any aspects that make you unique. I would still recommend covering only a handful of topics, so it is less confusing for the reader, but it would not be unreasonable to adjust those topics over time as your interests shift.

Brands You as an Expert

Creating a blog using your name allows you to brand yourself as an expert. This makes it easy for a future employer to see your area of expertise and better understand how knowledgeable you are in the subject matter.

The CONS of Using a Personal Name for Your Blog

More Difficult to Remember and Spell

Depending on your name, it may be more difficult to remember your name than a brand name. It can also be more difficult to spell a personal name than a brand name, since personal names can have several different spellings.

Topic Not Clear

The ability to switch topics, which we discussed above as a pro, can also be a con. Since you are not committed to a particular topic, the focus of your site may be unclear to your readers and to search engines. This lack of clarity can make it harder to get your site ranked on search engines, and it may be more challenging to attract the right audience for your site.

Could Be Harder to Sell

The final con for using your personal name as your blog name is that it can make your blog harder to sell. While selling your blog may not be something that you plan to do now, it is hard to tell what the future will bring, and you will have more options to sell your blog if it is not branded with your name.

Use Your Name for Your Blog if:

Personal branding is your goal. You are working on getting a better job and trying to grow your social network. You are using your blog as an extension of your resume.

Use a Brand Name for Your Blog if:

You want to grow a business. You are selling a product or have an intention of selling a product in the future. You want to use your blog as a business, and you are not concerned about branding yourself.

Include Your Personal Name Either Way

Whether you use your personal name or a brand name for your blog, make sure to include your name as the author on the articles. You want to include your name on your website to help build trust and increase credibility.

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