The ClearPath Online Story

How we transform SEO newbies to SEO know-it-alls.

Grow an Organic Audience with ClearPath Online

The goal of ClearPath Online is to empower content creators with the ability to market their own website online, even with no prior marketing experience. We help bloggers and solopreneurs grow their organic website audience. That way, they can spread their message to more people and ultimately make more money online.

How it all Began

ClearPath Online started with an idea and a baby.

The idea was to find a way to share digital marketing advice with anyone, even if they had no prior experience.

I'm Jennifer. And my husband, Joseph, and I have had the desire to help friends and family start and grow their own small business for years. We're both passionate about startups and eager to see a dream evolve into reality.

When we had our first child we saw the window of opportunity to start building our dream. Joseph has a background in software and web development and was leaving his full-time position to stay at home with the baby.

In any spare time he was able to find, Joseph began working on ClearPath Online.

ClearPath Online accomplishes two important goals for us. It is our own dream product to grow and evolve, and it is a platform to support online growth for other people.

Getting ClearPath Online Right

We took our time and listened.

Before launching a paid version of the tool, we offered a free beta so we could gather feedback. We wanted to make sure we were building a tool people wanted to use.

This desire to learn from our community and make iterative changes is an ideal we hold dearly and we'll continue to adhere to this mentality as the product evolves.

Our Journey Continues

With another baby comes more changes for ClearPath Online.

Now it's my turn to leave my full-time job and focus on ClearPath Online (and the kids).

This shift in focus allows us to launch the paid version of ClearPath Online and continue to grow the platform.

With our journey and our growth, we plan to also support you along your journey and build your online presence. We use our own tool to grow our business so we can ensure it helps you grow yours.

ClearPath Online is here to support organic marketing efforts for your website.

Who We Are

Jennifer Rogina

Co-Founder & Lead Marketer

Joseph Rogina

Co-Founder & Lead Developer

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