Google Analytics for Content Marketing

Google Analytics for Content Marketing

Let’s review reports in Google Analytics for content marketing. If you know where to look you can track content performance and generate new content ideas.

how can google analytics help my seo

How can Google Analytics Help My SEO?

If you want to increase website traffic, you need to install Google Analytics. But, how can Google Analytics help my SEO? We’ll explain how to use the data.

how to fix crawl errors

How to Fix Crawl Errors with the Index Coverage Report

Google Search Console provides a ton of information, including crawl errors. Let’s discuss how to fix crawl errors using the Index Coverage report.

do 404 errors hurt seo

Do 404 Errors Hurt SEO?

Maintaining your website is important. And what about 404 error pages? Do 404 errors hurt SEO? Let’s dig into the 404 error details that matter for SEO.

data studio content review

How to Use Google Data Studio to Automate Post-Publish Content Review [Template Included]

Reviewing data can help you get more value from your content. Let’s walk through how to create a dashboard to make it easy to track. (Template included.)

important google analytics metrics

7 Important Google Analytics Metrics for Bloggers

Google Analytics is amazing. But, it can be overwhelming. We’ll go over seven important Google Analytics metrics that you’ll want to monitor.

seo and cro

SEO and CRO: Why You Need Both

SEO and CRO are better together. SEO brings the traffic, CRO makes that traffic convert. Find out why you should focus on both CRO and SEO.

how to do a content audit

How to do a Content Audit

Content is important. How can we continue to get value from old articles? We’ll show you how to do a content audit to get the most from existing content.