how to setup google analytics

How to Setup Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides valuable data that shows exactly what happens on your site. All for no cost. Here’s how to setup Google Analytics.

what does quality over quantity mean

What Does Quality Over Quantity Mean for SEO?

Quality over quantity is the idea that less can be more, if done right. But, what does quality over quantity mean for SEO? Here are 3 ways.

what makes a brand authentic

What makes a brand authentic?

An authentic brand can create loyal customers who spread your story for you and build your community. But what makes a brand authentic?

quantitative vs qualitative data

How to Collect Qualitative and Quantitative Data on Your Blog

Use both quantitative and qualitative data to know how to improve your blog. Here’s how to collect qualitative and quantitative data.

how to set up goals in google analytics

How to Set up a Goal in Google Analytics

To get the most out of Google Analytics, you should add goals. Let’s go over how to set up a goal in Google Analytics so you can make data-driven decisions.

how to rank on bing

How to Rank on Bing

Marketers focus on Google. But, how do you rank on Bing? And does it even matter? Let’s discuss what you need to know about how to rank on Bing.

how to do seo yourself

How to do SEO Yourself

You’ve heard SEO is a good way to get traffic to your blog. But, how? Can you do it yourself? The short answer is yes. Let’s go over how to do SEO yourself.

wordpress blogging tips

5 WordPress Blogging Tips to Start Strong

WordPress is a great option. There are thousands of themes and plugins you can use to customize it. But, the options can be overwhelming. Cut through the clutter with these five WordPress blogging tips to start strong.