how to start a blog

How to Start a Blog

It is not too late to start a blog. There is always a need for high-quality content. And today it’s easy to begin. Let’s walk through how to start a blog.

data dashboard tools

Best Data Dashboard Tool for a Solopreneur

Data is crucial to success. Collecting it isn’t enough, you must monitor it. To do this, use a data dashboard tool. Here are the 5 best data dashboard tools for bloggers and solopreneurs.

create metrics dashboard for free

Create Metrics Dashboard for Free

By monitoring metrics you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of any website. Let’s discuss how to create a metrics dashboard for free!

how to create a utm code

How to Create a UTM Code

Successful marketers track their campaigns. One way to do this is with UTM tags. Let’s discuss how to create a UTM code to track your marketing campaigns.

Keyword Research System

Simple Keyword Research System [Template Included]

Creating content takes time. So, you want to write content that people want to consume. To do that, you need a keyword research system. Here’s a system (and template) to follow.

long term seo strategy

The Best Long Term SEO Strategy

The best long term SEO strategy is to align your website goals with search engine goals. Focus on the user. Follow these tips for long term SEO success.

find SEO competitors

Find SEO Competitors [Template Included]

When you try to find SEO competitors you may discover they aren’t who you expect. Since SEO competitors compete for keywords not product they can differ from normal competitors. Use this process (and template) to find your SEO competitors.

Google Analytics Search Console Integration

Google Analytics Search Console Integration

The Google Analytics Search Console integration allows marketers to get more insight with their data. Let’s discuss how to integrate these two tools.