bounce vs exit

Bounce Rate vs Exit Rate: What’s the Difference?

Understanding the difference between bounce rate and exit rate in Google Analytics will help you make data-driven decisions. We’ll go over what they are, where to find them, and how to improve them.

internal links for seo

Internal Links for SEO: What they are, why they matter, and a foolproof method to build them.

Learn everything you need to know about internal links for SEO. Find out how they help SEO and learn the foolproof method you can use to build them.

what is robots.txt?

What is robots.txt?

So, what is robots.txt and how can the file help with SEO? Find out what it is, how to find out if you have one, and how to make one.

what are meta tags

What are Meta Tags and How Do They Help SEO?

What are meta tags? Let’s discuss what they are and how they help SEO efforts. We’ll go over the types of meta tags that matter and how to optimize them.

tracking events in google analytics

Tracking Events in Google Analytics: The Complete Guide

This is the complete guide on tracking events in Google Analytics. Learn what events are, how to configure and test them, and where to review the data.

what is a sitemap

What is a Sitemap? Why you need one and how to make it.

What is a sitemap? Learn what it is, how it helps with SEO, and how to make one! Learn everything you need to know about XML sitemaps.

what is amp

What is AMP? Should I use it?

What is AMP and should you use it on your website? Find out what it is, how it affects search rankings, and how to determine if it’s right for you.

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