Learn About SEO: Search Engine Optimization Resources

Learn everything you need to know about Search Engine Optimization. Our resources are designed to help guide you every step of the way and make it simple to learn about SEO.

Getting Started

learn everything about seo

Everything You Need to Learn SEO

Want to learn SEO but not sure where to start? We’ll outline the SEO basics and introduce you to what you need to know about SEO.

keyword research system

Simple Keyword Research System

Creating content takes time. So, you want to write content that people want to consume. To do that, you need a keyword research system. Here’s a system (and template) to follow.

what are meta tags

What are meta tags and how do they help SEO?

What are meta tags? Let’s discuss what they are and how they help SEO efforts. We’ll go over the types of meta tags that matter and how to optimize them.

Basic SEO

on-page optimizations

On-Page Optimization Checklist

Each page on your site should be optimized for search engines. Follow this on-page optimization checklist to fine tune your article for SEO.

wordpress seo

7 WordPress SEO Improvements

Understanding WordPress SEO basics helps your site reach it’s full SEO potential. Here are 7 WordPress SEO improvements to add to your site.

how to write for seo

How to Write for SEO

How do you write blog articles so they rank well on search engines? Here are ten tips to guide you on how to write for SEO.

how many keywords to use

How Many SEO Keywords Should I Use?

How many SEO keywords should you use on each page? Here are five tips to help you determine the right keywords for each page on your site.

how to write a meta description

How to Write a Meta Description for SEO

What is a meta description, how do I write one, and how does it affect SEO? Here’s how to write a meta description for SEO.

how long to learn seo

How Long Does it Take to Learn SEO?

SEO isn’t something you can learn in one night. But how long does it take to learn enough SEO to grow an audience for your own blog?

seo to work

How Long Does it Take for SEO to Start Working?

After endless work, your blog still has no traffic. How long does it take for SEO to start working? Here’s the answer and how to speed it up.

common seo mistakes

10 Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Everyone makes mistakes. And when it comes to SEO, it’s no different. Here are ten common SEO mistakes to avoid so you don’t hurt rankings.

keyword placement in content

How to Optimize Keyword Placement in Content

Keyword research is important. But, once you have your keyword, where should it go? Here’s how to optimize keyword placement in content.

what to do after publishing a blog post

What to Do After Publishing a Blog Post

Scheduling a blog is only the beginning. Once published, it can be optimized even more. Here’s what to do after publishing a blog post.

Technical SEO

what is a sitemap

What is a Sitemap? Why you need one and how to make it.

What is a sitemap? Learn what it is, how it helps with SEO, and how to make one! Learn everything you need to know about XML sitemaps.

what is robots.txt

What is robots.txt?

So, what is robots.txt and how can the file help with SEO? Find out what it is, how to find out if you have one, and how to make one.

internal links for seo

Internal Links for SEO

Learn everything you need to know about internal links for SEO. Find out how they help SEO and learn the foolproof method you can use to build them.

html for seo

HTML Tags for SEO

Understanding basic HTML tags for SEO purposes will be beneficial when you’re adding content to your website. Let’s discuss some simple HTML anyone can use.

do 404 errors hurt seo

Do 404 Errors Hurt SEO?

Maintaining your website is important. And what about 404 error pages? Do 404 errors hurt SEO? Let’s dig into the 404 error details that matter for SEO.

how to fix crawl errors

How to Fix Crawl Errors with the Index Coverage Report

Google Search Console provides a ton of information, including crawl errors. Let’s discuss how to fix crawl errors using the Index Coverage report.

redirects and seo

Redirects and SEO: A Non-Technical Guide

Let’s discuss redirects and SEO. We’ll go over the various types of redirects, which one is best for SEO, and how to create and test your redirects.

seo audit

How to do an SEO Audit on Your Own Website

An SEO audit can help uncover how your website can rank higher in search engines. Here’s exactly how to do an SEO audit for your own website.

best domain extensions for seo

What are the Best Domain Extensions for SEO?

There are hundreds of domain extensions you can choose from. Here’s how to choose the best domain extensions for SEO and your website.

best url structure for seo

10 Tips to Create the Best URL Structure for SEO

What is the best URL structure for SEO? Here are 10 tips you can follow to create user- and search-engine-friendly URLs.

are subdomains bad for seo

Are Subdomains Bad for SEO?

Are subdomains actually bad for SEO? Let’s dig into how subdomains impact search engine optimization and when to use them.

how to improve page speed

How to Improve Page Speed on WordPress

Why is page speed important and how fast is your site now? We’ll discuss that and how to improve page speed yourself.

SEO Data

how to setup google search console

How to Setup Google Search Console

Learn about why you should be using the Google Search Console or Webmaster Tools and how to set it up properly on your website.

how to setup bing webmaster tools

How to Setup Bing Webmaster Tools

Don’t stop with Google, you’ll want to setup Bing Webmaster Tools as well. Here’s why and how to setup Bing Webmaster Tools for your site.

how google analytics can help seo

How can Google Analytics Help My SEO?

If you want to increase website traffic, you need to install Google Analytics. But, how can Google Analytics help my SEO? We’ll explain how to use the data.

SEO Strategy

how to do seo yourself

How to do SEO Yourself

You’ve heard SEO is a good way to get traffic to your blog. But, how? Can you do it yourself? The short answer is yes. Let’s go over how to do SEO yourself.

find seo competitors

Find SEO Competitors [Template Included]

When you try to find SEO competitors you may discover they aren’t who you expect. Since SEO competitors compete for keywords not product they can differ from normal competitors. Use this process (and template) to find your SEO competitors.

the best long term seo strategy

The Best Long Term SEO Strategy

The best long term SEO strategy is to align your website goals with search engine goals. Focus on the user. Follow these tips for long term SEO success.

seo and cro

SEO and CRO: Why You Need Both

SEO and CRO are better together. SEO brings the traffic, CRO makes that traffic convert. Find out why you should focus on both CRO and SEO.

how to rank on bing

How to Rank on Bing

Marketers focus on Google. But, how do you rank on Bing? And does it even matter? Let’s discuss what you need to know about how to rank on Bing.

quality over quantity

What Does Quality Over Quantity Mean for SEO?

Quality over quantity is the idea that less can be more, if done right. But, what does quality over quantity mean for SEO? Here are 3 ways.

how to set goals for seo

How to Set Goals for SEO

When you create goals for your website, you’ll want to include SEO goals. But what does that mean? Here is how to set goals for SEO.

why is content important for seo

Why is Content Important for SEO?

Everyone knows content is king when it comes to SEO, but why? Let’s go over why content matters and why it’s an essential part of SEO.

how to get blog traffic

How to Get Traffic for My Blog

You have a blog. Now you need to know how to get traffic for your blog. Here are seven steps you can take to start getting website traffic.

haro backlinks

How to Gain Backlinks with HARO

Getting backlinks to your website is hard. And it’s important for SEO. HARO can help. Here’s how to get HARO backlinks to improve SEO.

how quora can benefit your site

How Quora Can Benefit Your Site

What role does Quora play in digital marketing? Can Quora help with SEO? Here are three ways how Quora can benefit your site.

make an SEO strategy

How to Make an SEO Strategy

To see growth from SEO, you need a strategy that keeps you focused. Here’s how to make an SEO strategy with five easy steps.