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Choosing the Perfect Blog Name: What Should I Name My Blog?

what to name my blog

Updated on June 4, 2024

Previously, we explored the decision of whether your blog should use a brand name or your personal name. If you are leaning towards using a branded blog name instead of your personal name, you likely still have questions. You may be asking: what should I name my blog? Here’s a guide on how to choose the perfect blog name.

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Criteria for a Perfect Blog Name

When choosing a name for your blog, keep the following tips in mind.


It’s important that the blog name relates to the content you intend to cover. The name doesn’t need to exactly describe your blog’s topic, but it should be relevant. It’s okay to be creative, but avoid confusing your audience with an unrelated name.

You also want to keep the future growth of your blog in mind. While the name should relate to your initial topic, make sure it’s broad enough to accommodate any potential expansion of topics down the road.


Make sure your blog name is easy for people to remember, both in written and spoken form. Is it simple to say, type, and remember when mentioned casually? Choose a domain name that follows conventions, such as using a familiar extension like .com, as they tend to be more memorable. Avoid using unusual characters like hyphens or underscores.


Try to choose a brand name that stands out from the crowd. This offers multiple advantages–it’s easier to secure the domain name and social media handles, it’s likely more memorable, and it can be easier to improve search visibility and brand marketing.


Opt for a brand name that is short and concise. A shorter name is easier to remember and to share with people. Securing short domain names can be challenging and expensive, but if you have multiple options, lean towards the shorter name.


Verify the brand name is available, as both a domain name and across social media platforms you plan to use. If the name is already taken, consider choosing something different to avoid confusion. This could be confusing both for your target audience and search engines.

Don’t Focus Solely on SEO

Avoid choosing a name strictly for SEO purposes. In the past, there was a trend where people would purchase domain names containing their primary keyphrase with hyphens separating each word. This tactic doesn’t improve your search ranking; it only leads to confusion and a lack of memorability for your target audience. For instance, a blog focused on dog training shouldn’t be named something like “” just for SEO.

Brainstorm Options

The most effective way to choose a brand name is to start a list with all of your ideas. Continue adding to the list and refining it. Over time, a clear winner will emerge–a name that consistently stands out and grows on you, signaling that you found a winner.

Leverage AI

If your brainstorming list is empty and you need help generating ideas, consider using AI. Use a prompt like the following with AI assistants like ChatGPT, Google Gemini, or Microsoft Copilot:

List 10 potential brand names for a business specializing in: [insert your blog topic]

You can view the results I got when searching for brand name ideas for a blog that creates content on training older dogs.

These are the results from ChatGPT:

These are the results from Google Gemini:

These are the results from Microsoft Copilot:

Seek Input from Others

Once you have a few favorite brand names, gather opinions from friends and family. If you know anyone in your target audience, their input would be extremely useful. Otherwise, you can get opinions from people in your life to determine which brand name resonates most with your blog’s purpose.

In Summary

The perfect name may take time, but putting in the effort ensures your blog starts off on the right foot. Brainstorm as many options as possible, aiming for relevance, memorability, uniqueness, conciseness, and availability. If you’re still undecided, don’t hesitate to seek input and votes from others. Once you make a decision, commit to it and move forward. Whatever name you choose will be great–now it’s time to start creating content.

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