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How Quora Can Benefit Your Site


Updated on November 4, 2021

What role does Quora play in digital marketing? Can Quora help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Here are three ways how Quora can benefit your site.

What is Quora?

First, let’s go over what Quora is. Quora is a question and answer website. There are countless topics. Any question can be asked and anyone can answer it. Answers can be upvoted and downvoted so when you look at a question ideally the best answer is at the top.

3 Ways Quora Helps Your Website


Quora can be a good source of referrals for your website. Quora ranks well in search engines. It has a global Alexa rank of 380 which means it is a popular site and there’s a good chance it outranks your blog.

When you answer a question on Quora you can add a link. That link will be a no follow link. That means, it won’t directly impact SEO as a backlink. It will however be a source of referrals.

Quora ranks well in search engines. If someone searches in Google for a question related to your business a Quora result may appear. If you’ve provided an answer and included a link to a specific page on your website (since the question is relevant to your business) there is a chance that person will click through to your website.

So, the benefit of links on Quora isn’t to increase the number of backlinks to your website. The benefit of links on Quora is to help your target audience find the content on your website that can help them during the research stage.

Content Ideas

Another benefit of Quora is the understanding of the main questions and concerns that your target audience has. When you review and answer Quora questions on a regular basis you begin to become familiar with the common questions. If you already have content on your website that addresses these questions, great! Chances are though, you will find topics that keep coming up that you can answer but you don’t have a relevant link on your website to link out to.

This is a great way to identify content gaps on your website. Create an article that addresses the exact problem. This not only adds more content to your website, it also gives you another page you can link to when you are answering these questions.

Customer Service

Once your brand grows to the point where you have a following, you will start to find questions about your product directly on Quora. Use Quora for customer service. Take the opportunity to answer the questions yourself instead of letting the public respond.

Before your brand gets to that point, you can still use it for customer service by responding to general inquiries about your product or industry. When the question is not asking about your exact product it doesn’t hurt to include some competitors as well if that is the best way to answer the question. It’s important to always answer the question as completely as possible and don’t get too distracted trying to make it about your business. Think of the original poster’s concern first.

In Summary

Using Quora on a regular basis can benefit your website. Even though the links are no follow links they are still worth having. The links can increase your website referrals, you can gain content ideas through question insight, and you can even help stay on top of customer service concerns.

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